USB Cellphone Signal Booster

USB Cellphone Signal Booster

This is a USB cellphone signal booster from ThinkGeek. This signal booster can improve incoming and outgoing cellphone voice and data within a 5 foot radius. The $99 Cellphone Signal Booster is compatible with most carriers in the US and Canada except Nextel.


  • USB powered device boosts your cellphone signal for improved voice and data
  • 2-3 bars extra signal for any cell phone or 3G data card
  • More signal means better call quality for cell phones, and up to 100% faster download speeds for 3G data cards.
  • Prevents dropped calls and improves call clarity
  • No drivers or software needed, only uses USB for power
  • Simple installation – Simply place antenna near a window (up to 15 feet away) and plug into your laptop’s USB port. The advanced circuity does the rest.
  • Compatible with every carrier in Canada and the US (Except “iDEN” phones used by Nextel, Southern LINC, and MiKE Canada) This means it does not work with Nextel.
  • Intelligent microprocessor-controlled amplification


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