Hitachi Wooo 03 series Plasma/LCD HDTVs

Hitachi Wooo 03 series Plasma/LCD HDTVs

Hitachi, other than the UT800 series, introduces the Wooo 03 series Plasma and LCD HDTVs. The plasma models include 50-inch P50-XP03, 46-inch P46-XP03, 42-inch P42-XP03 and 42-inch P42-HP03. The first three models have 1920x1080p Full HD resolution and 40000:1 contrast while the P42-HP03 offers 1024×768 and 30000:1 contrast.

There are also 42-inch L42-XP03, 37-inch L37-XP03 and 32-inch L32-WP03 LCD TVs. Except the 136×768 L32-WP03, the other two models have Full HD resolution.

All seven new HDTVs have integrated digital TV Tuner, built-in iVDR with 250GB hard drive for TV recording and 10Wx2 speakers. You can find HDMI inputs, S-Video input and Ethernet port.



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