DXG Luxe Collection and DXG-125V 720p HD Camcorders

DXG Luxe Collection 720p camcorder

DXG Luxe Collection 720p camcorder

DXG introduces the new Luxe Collection HD digital camcorder that knock off Burberry and Chanel bags. The Luxe can capture 5 Megapixel photos and record 720p H.264 video clips. It has 2x zoom and a 3-inch LCD display. The Luxe Collection is available in four colors.

DXG DXG-125V 720p HD Camcorders

The DXG-125V, on the other hand, takes 3 Megapixel shots and 720p H.264 video. It is a waterproof camcorder. The 125V uses SD card and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.