Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphones

Radiopaq Custom Tuned Earphones

Radiopaq offers the custom tuned earphones which is available in four versions for different types of music – classical, jazz, rock and pop. The earphones drivers and internal earphone case profiles are engineered to deliver sound that fits the style.

Radiopaq’s earphones features Bi-Directional noise isolation, Eleven part audiophile chamber construction for balanced reproduction and gold plated 3.5mm audio jack plug. These earphone come with three-sizes of in-ear silicone gel cushions.

So for Rock you get a big, warm but tightly controlled bass, with all the high end detail still present, with Jazz you get rhythm and pace, with a perfectly defined soundstage, our classical earphones faithfully reproduce every nuance of the performance, and with the pop earphones you’ll get a more dynamic, sharp listening experience with strong vocals and a great beat.



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