Toshiba Regza 8000 Line LCD HDTVs


Toshiba announced its new Regza 8000 line LCD HDTVs, including ZX8000, ZH8000, Z8000, H8000 and A8000 series.

Toshiba’s Regza ZX8000 includes 55-inch 55ZX8000 and 46-inch ZX8000 models. Both feature LED-backlit and 1920x1080p Full HD resolution.

The ZH8000 is available in 55-inch (55ZH8000) and 47-inch (47ZH8000) models. They have a built-in 300GB hard drive for video recording. Both offer Full HD 1920x1080p resolution.

The Z8000 series features Full HD resolution as well. There are 47-inch 47Z8000, 42-inch 42Z8000, and 37-inch 37Z8000.

There is also the H8000 series that includes Full HD 42-inch 42H8000 and 37-inch 37H8000; and the 1366×768 32-inch 32H8000. All three models have 300GB hard drive.

Lastly, the A8000 series offers 1366×768 resolution. Two models are available, the 32-inch 32A8000 and the 26-inch 26A8000.



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