Fujitsu High-Speed Palm Vein Biometric Authentication

Fujitsu High-Speed Palm Vein Biometric Authentication

Fujitsu announced the development of the world’s high speed imaging technology for use in palm vein biometric authentication that can operate while the palm is in motion. Fujitsu’s new technology uses just one millisecond to capture the image and performs with the same level of accuracy in authentication as previous iterations of this technology. With such as high-speed, users’ palm needs only to be passed over a sensor for authentication.

New Technology
High-speed image-capture technology with anti-blurring
For this prototype, Fujitsu Laboratories optimized the lighting controls and the optical structure for image-capture, to enable images to be captured with sufficient clarity in as little as one millisecond (1 ms). As a result, even if the palm is moving at a speed of about one meter per second, which is roughly equivalent to the speed at which a person walks, it is possible to capture – without any blurring – sharp images of a user’s palm veins.

Technology that automatically extracts the best image for authentication
Fujitsu Laboratories also developed a new function that can automatically select the best image for authentication, from the stream of images captured by the prototype’s high-speed image-capture module. With this function, it is possible to use the same authentication software as the previous version of this palm vein authentication, while enabling – with no increase in time required for authentication – accurate authentication from the veins of a moving palm.



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