Seagate Barracuda LP Low-Power Hard Drive

Seagate Barracuda LP Low-Power Hard Drive

Seagate announced the new Barracuda LP low-power desktop hard drive. Obviously, the LP stands for Low Power and the hard drive offers low power consumption and cool and quiet opearation. The Barracuda LP series hard drive is available in 2TB, 1.5TB and 1TB capacities. They use SATA3.0Gb/s interface.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Super-low power consumption in every power mode
  • Cool drives provide long-lasting benefits to the PC or external drive, reducing some component and maintenance costs.
  • Meets and exceeds eco-green customers requirements
  • Delivers power savings
  • Built to exacting Seagate green standards:
    o Complies with RoHS directive
    o Typically 70 percent or more of the materials used to build the drive can be recycled.
    o Designed, built and delivered using best-in-class, environmentally friendly processes
  • Solid performance from the world leader in desktop hard drives


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