Axxana Phoenix System Backup Solution

Axxana Phoenix System Backup Solution

Axxana introduces the Phoenix System disaster proof backup solution. The Phoenix System consists of several components, including Axxana Phoenix Black  Box, Axxana  Phoenix Collector, Axxana  Phoenix Recoverer and a Management Application Tool. The Collector processes data collected from the main storage system, encrypts it and stores a synchronous data stream onto a flash memory array (SSD) within the Black Box.

The BlackBox will have 72GB to 300GB storage capacity. The Phoenix system offers up to 200MB/s data transfer and supports CDMA/GSM 3G and Ethernet connectivity. The system is able to withstand up to 2000-degree F for an hour to be followed by 482-degree F for 6 hours, 40 G shock, 5000 lb of weight, 30 feet water pressure and being dropped from 10 ft height.



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