Thrustmaster T-Standee and T-Strap Chargers for Nintendo DSi


Thrustmaster announced the new T-Standee and T-Strap chargers for Nintendo’s DSi gaming device. The T-Standee is a multi-docking charging station. Users can enjoy all of the DSi’s features when it’s place on the station. It comes with a rotating mechanism that allows users to adjust the console’s angle in all directions.


On the other hand, the T-Strap is the first charger for NDS/NDSi, directly built into the console’s wrist strap. It has two charging connectors, one connects to the console and the other connects to USB ports of any devices.

Thrustmaster’s T-Standee and T-Strap is priced at Euro 12.99 and Euro 7.99 respectively.



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