Dexim DCA037 Dual Charger for iPhone/iPod

Dexim DCA037 Dual Dock Charger for iPhone/iPod
Dexim, who adds USB to iPod Shuffle, brings us the DCA037 dual dock charging station for iPhone and iPod. Dexim’s dual dock charger can charge your iPhone and iPod at the same time. It has blue LED illuminating, which can be turned off.

The Dexim DCA037 charger comes with eight Apple dock inserts so you can charger any dock-able iPod and iPhone. The kit is priced at $ 44.90.

Dexim offers also DCA084 dual dock charger that comes in white and is priced at $39.9.

Dexim DCA084 Dual Dock Charger for iPhone/iPod



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