TyphoonHD4 Digital High-speed Camera System (Video Footage)

TyphoonHD4 Digital High-speed Camera System

ScienceMedia’s TyhoonHD4 is the company’s latest digital high-speed camera system that offers “a high light sensitivity, high picture resolution and ultra high frame rates”. The TyphoonHD4 is able to record in super slow motion and 1280×1024 resolution at up to 1000fps. It offers a light sensitivity 1000 ASA/ISO at 0 db.

The TyphoonHD4 has 4GB onboard memory that can store 2500 frames at full resolution. It is operated with a range of 17 to 600 mm Nikon prime lenses and various macro lenses.

BBC has recently released a video footage of the new documentary South Pacific filmed using this $100,000 TyphoonHD4 camera:


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