Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer

Xerox ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer

Xerox announced the new ColorQube 9200 Series multifunction printer that utilizes the company’s solid ink technology. This printer is the world’s first solid ink high speed printer that lower the color page costs by up to 62 percent.

The heart of ColorQube is a print head that increases ink flow 400 percent by packing in 880 nozzles – at twice the number per linear inch compared to prior print heads. Each solid ink stick is uniquely shaped for easy drop-in loading and ink can be topped off at anytime.

Other features:

  • Sophisticated sensors and image processing algorithms to calibrate the image before it is printed.
  • A product lifecycle that requires 9 percent less energy and produces 10 percent fewer greenhouse gases than comparable laser equipment.
  • A patented vacuum system, only 17 thousandths of an inch wide that removes tiny paper dust particles from the printing zone, lengthening the life of the print head.
  • An Intelligent Ready system uses a patented learning technology to activate a power-saving mode based on the users’ schedules. For example, after monitoring work patterns for a couple of weeks, the device will detect if there is a low level of use during the lunch hour and will automatically enter power-saving mode, resuming full-power operation as employees begin work activity.





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