Motorola MOTO W7 Active Edition Slider Phone

Motorola MOTO W7 Active Edition Slider Phone

Motorola announces its MOTO W7 Active Edition slider mobile phone that feature gesture control. The motion-enabled MOTO W7 comes equipped with an accelerometer that senses your body’s motions, orientation and hand gestures to perform tasks; and step pedometer that counts and records your daily walks and runs to make every step count.


Motorola’s MOTO W7 has a 2.2-inch display, a 2 Megapixel camera with video recording, media player, Bluetooth and a microSD card slot. It supports quad-band GSM and UMTS 3G.

Shake up your everyday phone experience by controlling MOTO W7 using simple hand gestures, taps and flicks.  Flip the phone over to silence the ringer of an incoming call, snooze the alarm clock or pause the music. Shake twice to instantly launch your favorite application, such as the music player. When showing off your photo albums or music libraries, flick the phone right or left to move between songs and images.



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