Panasonic Strada CN-HX900D, CN-HW880D and CN-HW850D Multimedia GPS Devices

Panasonic Strada CN-HX900D multimedia GPS

Panasonic presents three new Strada multimedia GPS navigation devices, CN-HX900D, CN-HW880D and CN-HW850D. All of them have a 7-inch VGA display, integrated DVD player, built-in 1Seg digital TV tuner, AM/FM tuner and built-in hard drive.

The Strada CN-HX900D offers 5.1-channel audio output. All three devices can play DVD, CD, MP3 and WMA files. CN-HX900D and CN-HW880D both support Bluetooth. They are also iPod/iPhone compatible, thanks to the USB port.

Panasonic’s Strada CN-HX900D, CN-HW880D and CN-HW850D will be released in June for 302,400 Yen, 260,400 Yen and 249,900 Yen respectively.

Panasonic Strada CN-HW880D multimedia GPS

Panasonic Strada CN-HW850D multimedia GPS



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