SansDigital TowerRAID TR4X and TR8X mini-SAS Storage Enclosure

SansDigital TowerRAID TR4X mini-SAS Storage Enclosure

SansDigital adds to its TowerRAID series two new models, the TR4X and TR8X, both come with mini-SAS connection. The mini-SAS ports combines four hard drives connections into one, reducing possible points of failures, while preserving uninterrupted data transfer.

The TowerRAID TR4X is a 4-bay tower with one mini-SAS connection offers up to 400MB/s transfer rate, while the TowerRAID TR8X has 8 hot-swappable drive bay and dual mini-SAS connectors and provides 750MB/s transfer rate. The former support up to 6TB capacity and the latter can handle up to 12TB.

Both models support 3.5-inch 3Gb/s SAS or SATA hard drives and JBOD, spanning, RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6 with spare via RAID controller. They are available in Silver (TR4X and TR8X) and Black (TR4X-B and TR8X-B). The prices are $325 and $545 respectively.

SansDigital TowerRAID TR8X mini-SAS Storage Enclosure

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