HifiMAN HM-801 Audiophiles Music Player

HifiMAN HM-801 Audiophiles Music Player

HifiMAN is launching the HM-801 audiophile-friendly portable music player. The HifiMAN HM-801 has a Modular Amplifier Bay design that allows users to use their favorite amps. The player is powered by Burr-Brown PCM1704U DAC chip and OPA627 op-amp.

The HM-801 has no internal memory but a SDHC card slot. It supports most popular digital music formats including:

  • APE Fast、Normal、High Mode
  • AAC 16K-320Kbps
  • FLAC、WMAlossless VBR 44.1kHz (will support 24bit 96KHz via softerware upgrade in the future)
  • WMA 8-355kbps
  • OGG Quality 0-Quality 10
  • MP3(VBR) 8-320Kbps





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