Mio Navman Spirit 300, 500 and Flat GPS Navigation Devices

Mio Navman Spirit Flat GPS Navigation Device

Mio announced in Europe the Navman Spirit 300, 500 and Flat portable GPS navigation devices. They are also known globally as Moov S300, Moov S500 and Moov S556. The Spirit Flat is a ultra slim GPS device at just 14.5mm thick.  All three navigators are powered by Mio’s Spirit software.

They offer TruMap views, 3D Junction views and lane guidance, NavPix photo navigation, Smart economical routing and high speed GPS fix with SiRFInstantFixII. The Spirit 300 has a 3.5-inch screen and Spirit 500 and Flat both come with a 4.7-inch widescreen. The latter two models include also Bluetooth for hands-free calling and do Google Local Search via Bluetooth. Spirit Flat supports FM radio, music and video playback as well.

Mio’s Navman Spirit 300, 500 and Flat will be priced at GBP129.99, GBP179.99 and GBP200 respeceively.

Mio Navman Spirit 500 GPS Navigation Device

Mio Navman Spirit 300 GPS Navigation Device



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