Kopin Golden-i Wearable Computer / Bluetooth Headset

Kopin Golden-i Wearable PC / Bluetooth Headset

Kopin introduces the Golden-i, a wearble computer that serves also as a Bluetooth headset. The Golden-i has a 0.6-inch CyberDisplay micro-panel that offers 800×600 resolution that can provide a 15-inch virtual display for users. The device also integrates a Hillcrest Labs 6-axis, solid state real-time position tracker that provides nearly pixel-for-pixel hands-free cursor accuracy across its 15-inch virtual display.

Kopin’s Golden-i is powered by a Cortex 8 600MHz ARM main processor and a 400MHz DSP. The headset acutally runs Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 OS and includes Nuance’s VoCon3200 software for speech recognition functionality. It has a miniUSB and a microSDHC cards lot.

We can expect the Golden-i in 2010.



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