Belkin Micra and Fuse Cases for iPod nano 4G

Belkin Micra Chex and Flow iPod nano 4G case

Belkin brings the Micra and Fuse fashionable cases for the iPod nano 4G. The Micra is designed to keep the original beauty of your iPod nano while adding a discreet flair to it. It includes a ClearScreen Overlay to protect the screen. The Micra is made of polycarbonate, a material much stronger, of higher quality, and more impact-resistant than acrylic.

Belkin’s Fuse is inspired by the bold, playful, bright colors of the 80s.

The Micra comes in four versions, Glam, Dusk, Chex and Flow while there is just one Fuse. MOre details below:

Micra Glam (F8Z421-SPK) – $19.99 (Single), $24.99 (2-Pack)

  • As the first iPod case with sparkle, Micra Glam follows the trend of “blinged” cases that are adorned with Swarovski crystals or rhinestones.
  • Micra Glam takes a more lasting approach by injecting the sparkle on the inside of the case so the “sparkle” doesn’t rub off.
  • Glass beads in the plastic case give off a subtle glamour and shine.
  • It’s an elegant, sophisticated way to add sparkle to your iPod without masking its natural color.

Micra Dusk (F8Z421-SMK) – $19.99 (Single), $24.99 (2-Pack)

  • Following the trend toward darkened colors, Dusk gives your nano a smoky charcoal tint.
  • This smoked tint adds a different dimension to your iPod.
  • For example, Dusk will darken the purple of your iPod, making it more of an eggplant color.

Micra Chex (F8Z421-019) – $19.99 (Single), $24.99 (2-Pack)

  • The iconic ’80s checkerboard—from checkered Vans, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” and the Rubik’s Cube—is back, but this time on a very 2009 piece of technology.
  • Chex layers a white checkerboard pattern on your nano without altering its color.

Micra Flow (F8Z421-CNT) – $19.99 (Single), $24.99 (2-Pack)

  • Flow features a graphic representing a sound wave that evokes motion.
  • Tied into resonance, Flow captures technology and audio in its form.

Fuse (F8Z423) – US: $24.99

  • Representing paint dripping on canvas, the case’s two ends lock together, fusing two colors together.
  • The top of the case is made of high-gloss polycarbonate, while the bottom is matte-finish polycarbonate.
  • Parts interlock for a secure fit and maximum protection.
  • Colors: pink/black, yellow/black, red/black, clear/black, purple/black, blue/black

Belkin Micra Glam and Dusk iPod nano 4G case

Belkin Fuse iPod nano 4G case



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