SiRFatlasIV GPS/Multimedia Multifunctional Chipset

SiRFatlasIV GPS Multimedia Multifunctional Chipset
SiRF introduces the new SiRFatlasIV, a multifunctional location system processor that offers multimedia power. The SiRFatlasIV features the same location engine of the SiRFprima, which is a high-sensitivity, 64-channel, multi-satellite system location engine, with more than 1,000,000 correlators, improves time to first fix (TTFF) in tough environments, and provides true -161-dBm simultaneous tracking of both GPS and Galileo satellites.

The chipset offers also rich multimedia support with its 500-MHz ARM11 processor core and DDR 400/Mobile-DDR 333 memory module. It includes built-in hardware video post processing accelerator handles video rendering and display, allowing popular mobile digital TV applications such as TDMB, DVB-H and CMMB to run with minimal impact on CPU performance. There is also integrated NANA controller that supports SLC and MLC flash memory.

Upcoming devices powred by SiRFatlasIV



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