Maverick Lifestyle Nica Bluetooth headset, car dock and desk dock

Maverick Lifestyle Nica Bluetooth headset

Maverick Lifestyle announced the Nica line of products, including a Bluetooth headset, a desk dock and a car dock. The Nica Bluetooth headset is a only compact, open-air headset with a clean, circular design. It comes without mic boom extending into the users face and the headset is more stable and secure. Also there is no ear insert pressing on the ear canal.

Maverick Lifestyle Nica car dock

The Nica car dock is a handsfree dock for the Nica Bluetooth headset. It is to be installed in any cigarette lighter power jack and the headset can be magnetically attaches to the dock for charging. When the headset is attached to the car dock, the nicaConnect that will automatically reconnect the Nica headset to your mobile phone when you enter or start your car.

Maverick Lifestyle Nica desk dock

Lastly the Nica Desk dock also has the magnetic attachment system allowing wireless charging. The Nica is now available for $129, including the Desk dock and you can get the optional car dock for $39.



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