Mitsubishi 9.0-Inch Color TFT-LCD Modules

Mitsubishi 9.0-Inch Color TFT-LCD Modules

Mitsubishi has developed four types of 9-inch wide-VGA color TFT-LCD modules for industrial use. These four modules have White LED as backlight and two of them have touch panel included.

The AA090ME01 and AA090ME01-T1 are wide view models with a 85-degree viewing angle in all four directions. Thanks to White LED backlight, these modules are power-saving and has a long-life backlight rated at 60,000 hours (minimum), by optimizing optical and heat emission designs.

9.0-inch Wide-VGA TFT-LCD Module

  • AA090ME01 (Wide view)    80,000 JPY
  • AA090MF01    65,000 JPY

9.0-inch Wide-VGA TFT-LCD Module with Touch Panel

  • AA090ME01-T1 (Wide view)    95,000 JPY
  • AA090MF01-T1    80,000 JPY


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