Mio Navman Spirit V735 TV and V505 TV Navigators with Digital TV

Mio Navman Spirit TV V735 GPS navigator digital TV

Mio launches the new Navman Spirit TV line (aka Moov Spirit TV) of personal navigation devices (PND) that comes with integrated Freeview digital TV tuner. Two models has been released, the V735 TV and the V505 TV.

Mio Navman Spirit TV V505 GPS navigator digital TV

Both devices have digital TV tuner equipped and is powered by 600MHz SiRFprima processor and SiRFprima with InstantFixII GPS chipset. They have 128MB RAM and 1GB internal memory. The V735 has a 7-inch widescreen while the V505 gets a 4.7-inch display.

V735 and V505 both feature TruMaps views, 3D Junction Views, Smart Economical Routing, NavPix photo navigation, Wcities Travel Books, and Local Search via MioMore Desktop 2. They are pre-loaded with street level maps of 23 western Europe countries. The V735 includes also FM tuner.



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