XtremeMac iPhone 3GS Cases

XtremeMac iPhone 3GS Cases

XtremeMac, a brand of Imation, announced a bunch of cases for Apple’s latest iPhone 3GS smartphone. Four lines of products have been introduced to protect your iPhone 3GS with style.

First, it’s the Tuffwrap form-fitting silicone cases that comes in four versions, including solid color Tuffwrap, two-tone Tuffwrap Accent, and Tuffwrap Tatu with unique laser-etched designs. Theses cases will come with a screen shield and the Tuffwrap Accent and Tuffwrap Tatu also include a viewing stand. The price range from $19.99 to $29.99.

Next is the Microshield line of durable plastic cases. The Microshield Accent with an ergonomic rubber border in a variety of colors, and Microshield Tatu with a clear snap-on back and textured sides, but also with chic, custom-designed artwork. They include also a viewing stand. They have a price tag of $24.99-$29.99. Both Tuffwrap and Microshield offer full access to all switches and jacks.

Then XtremeMac’s Sportwrap is a lightweight armband designed for the active user that is crafted with soft and durable Lycra and neoprene. It is priced at $29.99. The Sportwrap offers full access to all controls.

Lastly, the Tuffshield lightweight durable screen shields are designed to protect the iPhone 3GS against scratches, dust and dirt. Two versions are available, one clear-gloss set and one anti-glare set, both with static cling adhesion for easy application and removal. Each package costs $14.99, and contains three screen protectors and a cleaning cloth.



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