Apricorn 240GB Upgrade kit for iPod 5G

Apricorn 240GB Upgrade kit for iPod 5G

As your music library grows, you may find your iPod 5G (if you are still using it) is not having enough space for your songs. Apricorn just introduce the 120GB and 240GB upgrade kit for Apple’s iPod 5G music player. The kit includes all the things you need for the upgrade, a 120GB or 240GB hard drive, a high capacity lithium ion battery, the tools to open the case and an CD with instructional video.

The 120GB kit will come with a 580mAH battery and is compatible with 30GB iPod 5G while the 240GB kit includes a 850mAH battery and works with 60GB or 80GB iPod 5G. The former, costs $159.00, works and the latter is priced at $249.00.



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