Mobile Action i-gotU series GPS Travel Loggers

Mobile Action i-gotU GT-120, GT100 GPS Travel Loggers

Taiwan company Mobile Action introduces the i-gotU line of GPS travel loggers. Three models are offered, the GT-120, GT100 and the Bluetooth-enabled GT-200. These geo-taggers are made to help users map their photos. The first two models are designed for digital camera or mobile phone and the Bluetooth model can also be used for mobile navigation.

Mobile Action i-gotU GT-200 Bluetooth GPS Travel Logger

The GT-100 and the GT120 are basically the same except their built-in flash memory. The former can store 16000 waypoints and the latter can hold 65000 waypoints. The i-gotU GT-200 supports Bluetooth and can be connected to to mobile phones or laptops for mobile navigation. It’s built-in memory can save up to 32000 waypoints.

All three devices are powered by SiRF StarIII 65nm low-power chipset and equipped with patch antenna. They are water-resistant allowing them to be used during rainy days, skiing, water sports.



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