Logitech has four new Speaker Systems with 360-Degree Sound

logitech Speaker System Z323

Logitech Speaker System Z323

Logitech brings four new multimedia speaker systems with 360-degree sound, including Z320, Z323, Z520 and Z523. All these systems feature 360-Degree Sound, or omnidirectional acoustics. They works with your Windows PC or Mac.

The Logitech Z323 and Logitech Z523 are 2.1 speaker systems with 6.5-inch down-firing subwoofer. The Z323 offers 30 watts (RMS) of power while the Z523 provides 40 watts (RMS) of power. The latter comes with also on-speaker controls. Both systems have dual RCA jack and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The Z320 and Z520 are stereo speakers with 26 watts and 10 watts of power respectively. The former is ideal for laptop while the latter has an amplified two-way design.

Logitech Z320 and Z323 will be available for $69.99 in August and September respectively. The Logitech Z523 will come in July for $99.99 while the Z520 for $129.99.

logitech Speaker System Z320

Logitech Speaker System Z320

logitech Speaker System Z523

Logitech Speaker System Z523

logitech Speaker System Z520

Logitech Speaker System Z520



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