Hitachi SimpleTOUGH and SimpleDRIVE Mini Portable Hard Drives

Hitachi SimpleTOUGH Portable Hard Drive

Hitachi announced two lines of USB 2.0 external hard drives, the SimpleTOUGH and the SimpleDRIVE. The SimpleTOUGH is a rugged external hard drive that is water- and shock-resistant. It can sustain a three meter drop (9.8 feet) and able to withstand the pressure of a one-ton class commercial truck. Based on Hitachi’s TravelStar hard drives, the SimpleTOUGH is available in 250GB ($99.99), 320GB ($119.99) and 500GB ($149.99) capacities.

hitachi SimpleDRIVE Mini Portable Hard Drive

Hitachi’s SimpleDRIVE Mini, on the other hand, is a compact portable hard drive. It is available in serveral colors and capacities, including Red Wine with 250GB, Blue Disk with 320GB and carbon fiber for a textured black look with 500GB. They are priced at $89.99, $109.99 and $139.99 respetively.



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