iKey AK-39 Rugged Wearable Keyboard

iKey AK-39 Rugged Wearable Keyboard

iKey introduces the AK-39 rugged keyboard that is designed to be worn on the arm, providing a simple, compact data-input solution. The AK-39 meets MIL-461 standards and is intended for use in very harsh electro magnetic interference (EMI) environments.

As the model name suggests, the AK-39 has 39 keys and an integrated Force Sensing ResistorTM (FSR) pointing device with left- and right-click functionality. The keyboard is available in a in a night vision (NVIS) compatible configuration that inludes adjustable green LED backlighting.

The iKey AK-39 has USB port and works with both PC and Mac. It looks like the AK-39 is not intended for consumer market.



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