Intel 34nm X25-M SSD

Intel 34nm X25-M SSD

Intel announced that it is moving to the more advanced manufacturing process for its X25-M Solid State Drive. According to Intel, the move to 34bm can lower the prices of the X25-M SSDs up to 60%.

Intel’s X-25M Mainstream SSD is based on MLC flash memory and is available in 80GB and 160GB versions. Thanks to the 34nm processing technology, the new X-25M offers improved latency (25% reduction compare to 50nm version)  and faster random write Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) up to 6,600 4KB write IOPS and up to 35,000 read IOPS.

The new 34nm X25-M 80GB SSD has a new price of $225 for quantities up to 1,000 units (a 60% reduction from the original introduction price of $595 a year ago) and the 160GB version is priced at $440 (down from $945 at introduction) for quantities up to 1,000 units.



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