Ricoh GR Digital III Camera

Ricoh GR Digital III Camera
Ricoh presents the GR Digital III digital camera replacing the GR Digital II. The new camera packs a 10 Megapixel CCD image sensor, a fixed focus wide-angle 28 mm/F1.9 GR lens, and a 3-inch LCD display. It is equipped with the GR Engine III image processor.

The GR Digital III offers an ISO sensitivity ranges from 64 to 1600. It has 4x digital zoom, 1cm macro function, Fast AF, Pre AF, aspect ratio 1:1 square format mode and Full Pre Snap quick shooting function. The camera provides also dynamic range double shot function that combines two images with different exposures to create an image with a close to naked-eye impression.

Ricoh GR Digital III will be released in mid-August for GBP530.



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