Toshiba 3.5-inch USB/eSATA External Hard Drive

Toshiba 3.5-inch USB eSATA External Hard Drive

Toshiba introduces its first 3.5-inch external hard drive, seeing the success of the its 2.5-inch portable hard drives. Toshiba’s 3.5-inch external drive is based on 5400RPM hard drive with 640GB or 1TB capacities.

Toshiba’s 3.5-inch drives offer USB 2.0 and eSATA dual connectivity and are compatible with Mac and PC. They are built using high quality impact resistant ABS+PC material and feature internal dampening system for shock protection. You can expect a slim form facotr, a sleek high gloss finish and vaporized metallic silver rim.

The 640GB and 1TB 3.5-inch external hard drives are priced at $129.99 and $159.99 respectively.



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