Kodak Solar Charger KS100-C+2

Kodak Solar Charger KS100-C+2

Kodak announced the new Solar Charger KS100-C+2 that is able to produce enough power to deliver 1.5 charges to a cell phone, or run a music player for an additional 33 hours, or capture up to 200 digital camera pictures. Other than charging using sunlight, you can also recharge the device from computer via USB.

The Solar Charger KS100-C+2 achieves charge in 14 hours via USB-in, 28 hours via sunlight.It will be released in September 2009 for $39.95.

Announced along with the solar charger are the Portable Charger KP100-C+2 and the Digital Camera Travel Charger K640/K640E. The former is a palm-sized power pack for USB-chargeable devices, such a cellphones, music players, cameras and the lattter is a compact battery charger for NiMH batteries. They cost $29.95 and $14.95 respectively.



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