Acer Aspire X ASX5810-A40F Desktop PC

Acer Aspire X ASX5810-A40F Desktop PC

In addition to two new Aspire M desktops, Acer launches also the Aspire X ASX5810-A40F desktop PC in Japan. Like the new Aspire Ms, the ASX5810-A40F is also powered by quad core processor.

Acer’s ASX5810-A40F boasts an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz processor, 3GB RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT120 graphics card with 1GB RAM. It has a 1TB hard drive and a DVD SuperMulti burner. There are an eSATA port, a DVI-I, HDMI port, Ethernet port and nine USB 2.0 connectors.

The Acer Aspire X ASX5810-A40F runs Windows Vista Home Premium. It is priced at 129,800 Yen including a 20-inch LCD display.



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