Pantech IM-U490S doublEye Slider Phone

Pantech IM-U490S doublEye Slider Phone

Pantech presents the doublEye IM-U490S slider mobile phone that features two-way simultaneous shooting mode. The two-way mode activates both the front and back camera of the phone and show images of both cameras on the screen with PIP. The doublEye has also the 2 year Old Face Shooting mode, that turns anyone into a 2-year-old kid.

The IM-U490S doublEye features a 2.6-inch color display, a 3 Megapixel main camera, integrated T-DMB TV tuner, built-in electronic dictionary, media player, money diary application, and a external memory card slot.

Pantech IM-U490S doublEye is just 10.9mm thick. It is available in White, Pink and Black.



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