Atlona HDMI and DVI Extenders offer 825ft signal extension

Atlona AT-HDS100SR and AT-HDS250SR HDMI extenders

Atlona introduces two new HDMI extenders, AT-HDS100SR and AT-HDS250SR, and two new DVI extenders, AT-DVI100SR and A, all feature RS232 and Stereo Audio over Dual Cat5/6/7. These four extenders twisted pair transmitter and receiver modules which feature stereo audio as well as RS-232 data signals.

Atlona AT-DVI100SR and AT-DVI250SR DVI Extenders

Basically, the transmitter units will convert DVI or HDMI along with stereo audio and RS-232 inputs to dual cat5/6/7 while the receiver modules then convert that twisted pair signal back into the DVI or HDMI with stereo audio and RS-232 data signal. The AT-HDS100SR and AT-DVI100SR is able to exend signal up to 330ft while the AT-HDS250SR and AT-DVI250SR extends up to 825ft.

All these extenders are HDCP Compliant. They are wall mountable and come with brackets included. The HDMI extenders, AT-HDS100SR and AT-HDS250SR are priced at $499 and $649 respecitively and the DVI versions, AT-DVI100SR and AT-DVI250SR have the same pricing.

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