Lanyu eBook LY-EB01 is probably the World’s Cheapest Laptop

Lanyu eBook LY-EB01 World's Cheapest Laptop closed

Lanyu, from Shenzhen China, offers the eBook LY-EB01 that is probably the cheapest laptop in the world costing just 666 Chinese Yuan (US$98). Instead of mainstream x86 netbook processors, the eBook is boosted by a 266MHz AK7802Q216 ARM processor and packs 128MB RAM.

Lanyu eBook LY-EB01 World's Cheapest Laptop

The Lanyu eBook LY-EB01 is more like a mobile internet device featuring a 7-inch 800×480 LCD display, WiFi, Ethernet, QWERTY keyboard, trackpad, and a SD/MMC card slot. It runs WinCE 5.0 OS. As tested by shanzhaiben, the LY-EB01 is capable of 720p RMVB playback. The cheapest “laptop” measures 213.5mm×141.8mm×30.8mm and weighs just 0.6kg.


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