MyVu Crystal EV Personal Media Viewer

MyVu Crystal EV Personal Media Viewer Standard edition

MyVu is going to release the Crystal EV wearable video eyewear. Boosted by the SolidOptex technolog, the lightweight Crystal EV is able to offer 640×480 VGA resolution image with a screen size up to 64-inch. The personal media viewer features integrated stereo earphones with noise-reduction and an inline remote control for adjusting volume, contrast and brightness levels.

MyVu Crystal EV Personal Media Viewer all-in-one

The built-in battery of the MyVu Crystal EV allows up to four hours of playback. The $299.95 standard edition of the device will come with connection cables for Zune, Nokia phones, DVD players, camcorders and systems with composite video output. The $324.85 Crystall EV All-in-One will include also iPhone cables and a zippered travel case.



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