Key Digital KD-CATHD HDMI/DVI to Dual CAT5/6/7 Cable Extender

Key Digital KD-CATHD HDMI-DVI to Dual CAT5-6-7 Cable Extender

Key Digital introduces the new KD-CATHD, a kit that allows extending HDMI signal via CAT5/6 cables. It basically offers the same features as Atlona’s HDMI/DVI extenders. Two components are included, the KD-CATHDTX Transmitter Balun and the KD-CATHDRX Receiver Balun.

The KD-CATHD is able to send 1080p/60 video signals up to 150 feet and 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p signals up to 300 feet via two CAT5/6/7 cables. You can also use the kit to send two-channel stereo or mono audio uo to 1000 feet over standard UTP Cat5/5e/6 cable. It offers full support of HDCP, HDMI1.3a/b, 12 Bit Deep Color, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital and DTS Master Audio.

The Key Digital KD-CATHD HDMI/DVI extender is priced at $625.



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