Knoll Systems GSZ67 and GSZ44 Eco-System Controller-amplifiers

Knoll Systems GSZ67 Eco-System Controller-amplifier

Knoll Systems launches the new GSZ67 and GSZ44 controller-amplifiers that is based on the Eco-System amplifier that shuts off the amplifier (or channels within the amplifier – depending on what’s being used or not) to save power with no turn-on artifacts.

knoll systems GSZ44 Eco-System Controller-amplifier

The GSZ67 features a total of 12-channel class A/B amplifiers and each power amplifier channel can deliver 50 watts RMS with peaks of 100 watts while the GSZ44 gets an 8-channel A/B amplifier with 30 watts per channel. The former is controlled by MR164 LCD keypads and the latter by MR40 keypads.

Knoll Systems GSZ67 comes with 6 keypads and costs $2199 and the GSZ44  gets four keypads and is priced at $999.

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