Knoll Systems HDP1100 and HDP1200 Projectors

Knoll Systems HDP1100 and HDP1200 Projectors

In addition to the new controller-amplifiers, Knoll Systems releases the new HDP1100 and HDP1200 home theater projectors that are the first “from the ground up” designs in years of the company. The HDP1100 comes with a short-throw lens while the HDP1200 is a long-throw projector.

Both projectors feature the MaxPlay imager and video processor, Knoll 2-D lens shift and Dynamic Black automatic iris that offers over 4 times improvement over mechanical native contrast. These projectors are based on Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and use Nikon all-glass lenses.

The HDP1100 and HDP1200 both offer 1920×1080 native Full HD resolution, 4400:1 contrast ratio and 950 lumens brightness. They support Deep Color to display 1.07 billion colors and HDMI 1.3. The HDP1100 is priced at $5999 while the HDP1200 costs $6799.



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