DJ-Tech DJ Mouse gets a Jog Wheel

DJ-Tech DJ Mouse kit

DJ-Tech presents the DJ Mouse, basically a mixture of mouse and DJ controller. The DJ Mouse is a heavy weight 120-gram laser mouse for DJ-ing. It comes with a multi-function jog wheel with blue ring, a Scratch knob, and of course right and left click buttons.

The USB-powered DJ Mouse has an aluminium feel. It is optimized for Deckadance DJ software for Mac and PC. Included in the DJ Mouse kit are the Deckadance and a DJ scratch mat that has a turntable design and is optimized for scratch performance.

DJ-Tech DJ Mouse is priced at $79.

DJ-Tech DJ Mouse top

DJ-Tech DJ Mouse

DJ-Tech DJ Mouse scratch mat

DJ Mouse Features :

Left Click Functions:

  • Drag and Drop songs from the play list
  • Play 4 different CUE points
  • Access to the Effects
  • Play Samples
  • Play Loops
  • Play the 3 Reloopers
  • Activate Effect
  • Preview song
  • SYNC and downbeat

Vertical wheel:

  • Rewind and fast forward effect
  • All faders and knobs control
  • Scroll Playlist

Right click:

  • Memorize 4 CUE points
  • Toggle Loops
  • Toggle 3 Reloopers
  • Reset Effect
  • Lock the SYNC : get a perfect and permanent beat match

Jog wheel:

  • Control faders and knobs
  • Control Crossfader
  • Scratch or rewind Effect

Scratch Knob:

  • Activate the digital Scratch mode with any position of the DJM
  • Lock the control of the X,Y parameters for the effects
  • Lock control of Fader/knobs without clicking
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