Genius G-Pen M609X and G-Pen M712X Multimedia Tablets

Genius G-Pen M609X digital tablet

Genius G-Pen M609X Digital Tablet

Genius introduces two new digital multimeda tablets, the G-Pen M609X and the G-Pen M712X for graphic designers and artists, replacing the M609 and M712.

Genius G-Pen M712X digital tablet

Genius G-Pen M712X Digital Tablet

Genius two new tablets both offer 4000 LPI resolution and the dual-mode capabilities, which allow users to switch the screen from wide to standard and back again. They include PhotoImpact 12SE, Macro Key Manager and Office Ink/Free Notes software. The G-Pen M712X will get also Photoshop Element 6.0.

The G-Pen M609X has a screen size of 9-inch x 5.5-inch (wide) / 7.25-inch x 5.5-inch (standard) and 26 hotkeys while the M712X has a bigger screen size at 12-inch x 7.25-inch (wide) / x 9.5-inch x 7.25-inch (standard) and 34 hotkeys.

Genius G-Pen M609X and G-Pen M712X are priced at $169 and $219 respectively.



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