iLuv iAD115 and iAD19 USB Car Chargers

iluv iAD119 Dual USB car charger

After the USB power adapter, iLuv announced the new iAD115 micro USB and iAD119 Dual USB car chargers designed to “power your gadgets while on the go”. They allows users to charge their USB devices on their cars.

iLuv iAD115 microUSB car charger

The tiny iLuv iAD115 Micro USB charger can be concealed inside the cigarette lighter. It offers micro USB connection and a blue LED indicator. It has an output of DC 5V, 500mA output. The iAD119 Dual USB car charger, on the other hand, provides two USB ports for charging up to two devices at the same time and has a 90-degree rotating head. It comes with replaceable fuse to protect your charging device from excessive current. It outputs at DC 5V, 1A.

The iLuv iAD115 and iLuv iAD19 will come in September for $14.99 and $19.99 respectively.

[iluv pdf]


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