QLOCKTWO Tells time in words

QLOCKTWO frozen blackberry

This is the QLOCKTWO, created by Biegert & Funk, that is a clock that tells you the time in words instead needles or numbers. It shows time in typographic time format in 5 minute intervals combined with four-minute dots. It has acrylic glass polished edges and a wooden body that holds LED lights.

The QLOCKTWO features DCF-77 time-signal receiver for to the second accurate time-telling without manual setting, automatic summer/winter daylight-savings time, and light sensor for automatic adjustment to ambient light.

The QLOCKTWO is available in several languages, including English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and French and comes in several colors, Black Ice Tea, Cherry Cake, Vanilla Sugar, Frozen Blackberry, Lime Juice and Light Caramel. The QLOCKTWO is handmade in Germany and is priced at Euro 885.


QLOCKTWO light caramel

QLOCKTWO Cherry Cake

QLOCKTWO black ice tea

QLOCKTWO vanilla sugar



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