Mitsubishi REAL DVR-BZ330 and DVR-BZ230 Blu-ray DVRs

Mitsubishi DVR-BZ330 and DVR-BZ230 Blu-ray DVRs

Mitsubishi brings to its REAL line,two new Blu-ray digital video recorders to replace the DVR-BZ130, the DVR-BZ330 and DVR-BZ230, which are equipped with 1TB and 500GB hard drive respectively. Both DVRs have integrated Digital TV tuner and are able to record directly to hard drive or BD-R/RE.

The Mitsubishi DVR-BZ330 includes the DIAMOND HD video enhancement technology that upconverts low-resolution video to HD quality. Videos are recorded in MPEG-4 AVCHD/H.264 format and recorded videos can be transferred to DVD-R and DVD-RW.

Mitsubishi’s DVR-BZ330 and DVR-BZ230 plays Blu-ray video and DVD as well. They can also play AVCHD videos from DVDs, SD cards and USB devices. Both recorders will be released on 1 October.



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