Panasonic Strada CN-HX3000D Multimedia Navigator

Panasonic Strada CN-HX3000D Multimedia Navigator
In addition to the in-car Blu-ray player, Panasonic presents also the Strada CN-HX3000D all-in-one multimedia GPS navigation device. The CN-HX3000D includes a DVD player, integrated Digital TV tuner, a 80GB hard drive for TV recording, FM/AM tuner, GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

Panasonic’s Strada CN-HX3000D features a 7-inch 800×480 LED-backlight LCD touchscreen, SRS CS Auto Deluxe audio enhancement, iPod connectivity, and a SD card slot that supports media playback. The device uns Windows Automotive and includes Google Maps and Yahoo’s Japan’s railway maps.

Panasonic Strada CN-HX3000D will be available in 10 September for 365,400 Yen.



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