Das Keyboard – The Best Keyboard on the Planet?

Das Keyboard Professional- The Best Keyboard on the Planet

Here is the new Das Keyboard that may be the best keyboard on the planet. Two versions are available, the Das Keyboard Professional and the Das Keyboard Ultimate that comes with 100% blank keys.

Das Keyboard Ultimate - The Best Keyboard on the Planet

The Das Keyboard Professional features German-engineered gold-plated mechanical key switches that offers tactile and audio feedback. It has an n-key rollover function allowing up to 12 keys to be pressed simultaneously. The slick mechanical keyboard has blue LEDs and USB hub and comes with an extra long USB cable.

The Das Keyboard Professional is basically identical to the Das Keyboard Professional but “features” 100% blank keys. Both models are priced at $129.00. If you are not comfortable with the noise produced, get also the resuable earplugs for $9.95. There is also Mac/Linux keycap set that costs $14.95.

I don’t know if the Das Keyboard is the world’s best keyboard. What I know is, if you don’t like the noise produced by keyboard, think twice before you buy it. 🙂



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