Digeo Moxi Mate HD Media Player

Digeo Moxi Mate HD Media Player front

Digeo introduces the Moxi Mate HD digital media player that is designed to browse and play content from the Moxi HD DVR. The device can access all recorded content from Moxi HD DVI as well as web-based content on Flickr, Rhapsody as well as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube content with PlayOne software.

Digeo Moxi Mate HD Media Player back

The Moxi Mate can also play music, photos and other media files stored on computers in your home network. There are also two USB 2.0 and an eSATA ports for connecting external storage. The HD player offers HDMI, HD component, composite, analog and digital audio outputs.

Digeo Moxi Mate HD Media Player remote

Digeo’s Moxi Mate is boosted by 1000 DMIPS dual–threaded MIPS32–bit core with FPU and MMU class processor and 3D graphics engine with OpenGL ES 1.0 support. It has 512MB RAM and 32MB flash memory. The price is $399.



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