Asus uBoom Series Compact Notebook Speakers

Asus uBoom sound-bar notebook speakers

Asus announced the new uBoom Series, the world’s most compact sound-bar speakers. Two models are available, the uBoom and the uBoom Q, both designed to provide high fidelity audio and heart-thumping bass via a maze-like reflex port and their powerful satellite speakers place users in a sweet-spot of high fidelity sound.

Asus uBoom Q sound-bar notebook speakers

Designed for use with notebooks, both uBoom speakers uses USB 2.0 interface for power and audio source, replacing the onboard sound. The bigger Asus uBoom offers 24-watt RMS output and 4-ohm speaker impedance while the more compact uBoom Q has 2.4-watt output and 5-ohm.

Asus uBoom sound-bar notebook speakers as notebook dock

Both models have a USB connector and a AUX input, the uBoom will include also a microphone jack. The aluminum uBoom serves also as a notebook dock for more effective air-flow and heat dispersion.



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